Happy Monday!!

Welcome to the new and improved Gray Area Strength site!! I’m pretty excited about this; it’s been in the works for what seems like ages and it feels SO FREAKING GOOD to have a blog up and running again. Come hang out here for all things related to the pursuit of strength – and I’m not just talking about picking up heavy things and putting them down (although that definitely applies), but also mental fortitude and general indestructibility …interspersed with food, cute animals, geeky shit, science, and silliness. It’s gonna be fun!

So: Monday! I love Mondays; good stuff always happens on Mondays. They are there every week to give you an opportunity to start fresh, begin a new project, or embark on an adventure. I know Mondays get kind of a bad rap, but you know what I think? If the thought of starting a new week is awful, it is time to consider making some serious changes because dudes, you can do better than that! Find something to get fired up about and then dive in – everybody’s got stuff they’re waiting for the right time to get started on and guess what? The right time is Monday.

Ok team, let’s do this.






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