Win! (exerpt)

You know those days where everything just seems to go right, from the minute your eyelids fly open ten minutes before the alarm goes off? Today is one of those days – I woke up feeling rested, had lots of time for breakfast and coffee and silly iphone games and rubbing my dog’s hairy tummy before I went to work, drove to work in the rain (which, in the current drought condition, is a huge relief)…


And then my first client canceled. So what do I do? I figure it’s time to get on the scale; my weight tracker has been pinging at me for a couple of days now to remind me to log my weight.


So I went through my usual routine of closing myself into the farthest consultation room, away from the rest of the gym, chanting “I don’t give a shit I don’t give a shit I don’t give a shit” while I took my shoes and sweater off…preparing myself because I knew what was going to happen.


And I was right – the number went the wrong way.


It was inevitable, you know, because there was some indulging over the weekend, and because I’m feeling a little bloated and crampy this week. And you know what? I found, to my surprise, that I don’t actually give a shit. It’ll go away once I feel normal again.


Today is still awesome.


There was a time when a weight gain of a little over a pound would have ruined my day. Like, not in a “I’m gonna be a little surly for a couple of hours” kind of way, but more like a “I’m gonna go home and crawl back into bed and cry into a pint of ice cream for the rest of the day because I suck and I don’t deserve to feel better and there’s no point in even trying” sort of scenario.


I’m not proud of those moments. But the lessons that I learned from going through those horrible low times made them worth surviving.


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